What to Know When Choosing and Hiring a Web Designer

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It can be quite the hassle to explore the vastness of the internet in order to find the perfect web designer for your needs. A good web designer is crucial for perfecting your branding, increasing your conversion rates, and garnering people’s attention to you overall, but it can be difficult to tell if the one you picked for the job is qualified and is charging a fair rate for their work.

How does one evaluate a web designer? There can be many ways in doing this, and for the most part the beginning of your journey probably starts on the designer’s own web page. Upon looking at their own work, you can ask yourself if their site firstly gives off a certain aesthetic appeal that draws you in. If so, then you must further inquire into things such as the clearness and intuitiveness they display through simply navigating their site. Is this designer qualified for branding work or for work on conversion rates? Does the designer leave references for you that are easy to access and are the people easy to get in touch with? These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself in the early stages of finding a web designer.

When approaching a prospective designer, the more information you can give, the better. There is no such thing as too much information when you want to make sure that your wants and needs are met and satisfied. Sure some can go that extra mile for you and implement the benefits of his/her experience that could end up being beneficial for you, but that is all depending on who you choose and what your relationship is like. A (hopefully) revenue-generating portal starts with what YOU want and can work with. That means anything from what colors you’d prefer to see to what your overall budget is for the project.

Lastly, it can be commonly misunderstood that web designers are basement-dwellers with little or no social experience. This is untrue and most designers are merited to a certain amount of respect for their time and hard work. In order to garner this respect, there are some phrases one would rather not hear. These can range anywhere from “I don’t have any money but this looks easy; could you do this for free?” to “I want a website; how much is it gonna cost?”. These are both extremely wrong and far too vague to be of any help to a web designer and possible business partner. If you feel that you haven’t quite found the right match, do not hesitate to move on until you find the right one for you.

About Tommy: Montreal Web Designer

I’ve been designing websites for over a decade. I’ve been hired by universities, doctors’ offices, and small to medium-size businesses.

Although aesthetics are important, ultimately if the website doesn’t generate revenue then it’s a bad investment.

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