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USANA Supplements Montreal

The owner of Best Supplements Online (USANA – Montreal, Quebec) that is an USANA Independent Associate has just launched her online retail store. She is offering competitive, low cost prices on USANA products.

Their selections and price range are very competitive when compared to larger chains in Canada. Each product is classified under 3 distinct USANA product categories: vitamins and optimizers; healthy diet, energy, and weight-loss management program; skin, body, and hair care products. They all feature a visible rating based on customer satisfaction.

USANA Skin, Body & Hair Care features products with no chemical preservatives added that nourish and protect your skin and hair. You can experience visible results after you use the gently cleanser, hydrating toner, day & night time cream, and the anti-aging eye cream, serum or perfecting essence. The soap-free cleansing gel revitalize your skin, and the USANA shampoo & conditioner enriched with vitamin C and E nourish and moisturize your hair at the cellular level. USANA Healthy Diet & Energy features many delicious meal replacements like shakes (Nutrimeal™), bars, a powerful energy drink (Rev3), and a 5 days weight-loss management program (RESET). USANA Supplements & Optimizers is full of omega3, coenzyme Q10, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, glucosamine, melatonin,  fiber, probiotic, and more fantastic supplements. USANA also provides a variety supplements and vitamins for young adults, kids, women’s and men’s health.

The site itself also features a payment gateway so you can place orders and purchase products without being redirected to a third party website. It is easy to use and features a toll free number and a checkout tab right on the top of the page. The homepage is full of featured and popular products. This will maximize orders from the site and help maintain USANA’s great reputation as a healthy and unique supplement distributor.

Date: September 2014 Client: USANA Montreal Quebec Portfolio: Search Engine Optimization, Web Design Website: https://bestsupplementsonline.ca/