• Dr Joy Maru Logo

Dr Joy Maru Logo


Dr. Joy Maru is a Dental Implant Specialist.  One of the best Dental Implants Specialist in the Lower Mainlands, I was honored to design this wonderful logo for his practice “Surrey Dental Implants” located inside Central City Shopping Mall in Surrey, BC.

A vectorized image of an implant screw alongside his name is all that is needed will best describe his dental specialty.  This logo gets ‘s straight to the point and anyone who sees this logo will know that Dr. Joy Maru is indeed a dental implant specialist.

Dr. Maru is a general dentist in Surrey and has been placing implants for almost 15 years now. He has placed a multitude of implants during that time. He is a fellow of the international congress of oral implantology and has received the part-time faculty teaching award for 2011-2012 from UBC. Dr. Maru works mainly out of Surrey, BC, but has patients from all over North America.

My Professional Mission is to provide the best and most complete care to my patients with honesty, kindness, and integrity. To keep learning and improving my skills. Most importantly, to find a balance between my professional and personal life and to give back to the community that gave me so much.

***Updated Feb 21st 2018: Please keep in mind that rankings can fluctuate from time to time.

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  2. Search “Best Dental Implants in Surrey” and you will see that Dr. Maru is ranked no. 5 on the 1st page of Google.ca.
  3. Search “Dental Implant Cost Surrey BC” and you will see that Dr. Maru is ranked no. 2 on the 1st page of Google.ca.
Date: December 2012 Client: Dr. Joy Maru Portfolio: Graphic Design Website: surreydentalimplants.ca/