• Mark Tartz Montreal Content Curator

Mark Tartz Montreal Content Curator

I was approached by Mark @MarkTartz not too long ago and was asked to help him build a website that could showcase his writing.

He is an online content curator and avid social media marketer and his writing style is actually superbly relevant to the type of Search Engine Optimization work businesses need in order to gain a competitive advantage online. He gives great insight and even critiques into the products, services, and businesses in general that he is asked to write about and review or feature.

His new blogging website so far features an eclectic array of articles made for dental clinics, online survey platform companies, and even features a short story he wrote in French that won a creative writing competition at College Brebeuf.

He is attempting to make a name for himself in the business world and I believe that I have helped him move very much in the right direction.

I concept behind the design for his website is readability. Keep it simple for visitors to truly focus on his written works without becoming distracted by designs or effects.

Date: February 2014 Client: Mark Tartamella Portfolio: Search Engine Optimization, Web Design Website: marktartz.com/