• Mad Scientist at McGill University in Montreal, QC

Mad Scientist at McGill University in Montreal, QC

It is common knowledge by now that millions of dollars are spent every year on cancer research in the hopes of discovering a breakthrough into possibly curing such a horrendous disease. While we have no such luck yet, researchers at McGill University have developed what looks to be a revolutionary technique in targeting specific areas of the body where cancer cells are located. This could possibly be a better alternative to treatments such as chemotherapy, which generally targets all cells throughout the body.

The new treatment technique is already looking like a contender for a safer and easier way to reduce breast cancer tumour size when compared to traditional methods. The fact that multiple drugs could be administered simultaneously and in specific areas means that there is less of a chance of cells becoming immune to these treatments, something that happens fairly often with chemotherapy. This is because certain drugs have been researched and tested to see which areas of the body they are most effective in. The fact that those drugs can now be administered to the very best locations possible means more effective treatments of cancer.

Targeting and killing specific cancer cells is a major step in cancer research. Even better news is that there is room for improvement as the techniques become more and more optimized, eventually leading to the possibility of mass-production.

Date: April 2012 Client: McGill University Portfolio: Graphic Design